Christopher Directs "Sunflowers" For Reeds Jewelers

While Christopher has had the opportunity to be a director/DP on a number of spots in the last few years, Christopher considers these recent spots for a jewelry company his coming-out party as a director and DP. "SUNFLOWERS," the first of two spots was shot using the Phantom at 1000 fps. To create a more organic sensibility, everything was filmed practically - the acrobats bounced on a trampoline that was camouflaged in the sunflowers, and all the subtle distortions in the film were created with old found glass clamped in front of the lens. In post, we simply reversed the film to get the feeling of someone "floating up into air."
Client: Reeds Jewelers, Inc.
Director/DP: Christopher Wilson
Producer: Cathy Wilson
Production: Studio Elm, Inc.
Editorial: Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie-Cutler
Music: Matt Fletcher, Elias Arts
Telecine: Tim Masik, CO3, New York